Our staff

It is obvious that success also implies the human aspect.
In the medical field this is even more important, especially since the medical treatment implies a greater human sensitivity.
Aware of this, Dr. Bensouda works with a professional team to meet your expectations and needs.


After seven years of medical studies and four years general surgery, Dr. Bensouda worked for five years at professor Ivo Pitanguy’s Brazilian school, one of the best in plastic and aesthetic surgery in the world.
Dr. Bensouda’s Brazilian formation is constantly updated at top American and European centers so as to combine art with the most up-to-date techniques, wherever repair and aesthetic surgery is needed.

The anaesthesit

The pre-anaesthetic consultation is compulsory so as to:
Get in touch with the patient
To be aware of the patient’s medical, surgical and allergic background
Have a medical check-up and an electrocardiogram
Request a blood test according to the patient’s health
The latter is necessary so as to anesthetize and operate in the best conditions, knowing that most interventions are done under local anaesthesia or peridural block along with a sedative.
General anaesthesia is necessary in selected cases such as difficult rhinoplasties with fractures, breast reduction, and for all patients who present side effects with a peridural anaesthesia.